The mindfulness about Liquor is very low in India, which is reasonable given that drinking is still scorned in over 99% Indian Households.

One of my seasoned drinker friend once told me that no matter what you start with, ultimately every passionate drinker will end up being hooked on to whisky/scotch.
And in India, Black Dog happens to be one of the most renowned, favored and premium range whisky (well technically scotch). In high end pubs of most Metro cities in India, it will cost you INR 700 to INR 1200 for a 30 ml peg (the price range depends on the bar/pub's location and this amount is the higher ceiling to give you a fair idea).

At Liquor Stores (wine shops, or model shops as we call them in India) it is available at around INR 1400~ for a 750 ml bottle (price in Delhi/Rajasthan).

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About Black Dog Whisky

Black Dog is a highly acclaimed and awarded brand of Scotch Whisky that is distilled, aged and blended in Scotland. With a 130 year old legacy, the brand comes is 2 variants, Black Dog Black Reserve and Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.

Black Dog Black Reserve is an aged and rare whisky liquor with a unique blend of malt and grain-scotch whiskies from various regions of Scotland, for a warm and luxurious flavor.
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the first and only Triple Matured Scotch in its class, as all other scotch whiskies are matured only twice. It is expertly crafted and matured and married for the third time in Oloroso Sherry Butts. This triple maturation is what lends this exquisite blend complexity and depth of character. This scotch whisky is available in 3 variants depending on how long it was aged - 12 years, 18 years and 21 years.
It was earlier known as Black Dog Deluxe, and was the first variant of the Black Dog brand.

The brand purpose for Black Dog is to give people an opportunity to unwind and relax and take a break from their hectic lives.

Black Dog Whisky Price

How to Drink And Enjoy Black Dog Whisky

The best part about Black Dog Whisky brand is the smoothness.
Do not ruin it by mixing Soda or worse - cola - with it. Unlike other brands like Royal Challenge, Blenders Pride etc. which don't really go down well when drunk neat (i.e. without mixing anything, even ice), Black Dog should be taken neat or at the max, on the rocks (i.e. just with ice cubes, and no water).
My recommended way to drink and enjoy the Black Dog Gold Reserve is to add 3-4 ice cubes in 60 ml of scotch, swirl it slightly and you are ready. The sweet poison does not "pinch" your throat and goes down pretty smoothly.

It has a slightly metallic kind of taste, and you won't know when you are already 2 pegs down. Tastes best with not-so-spicy snacks. Please avoid any spicy snacks (specially "Indian Spicy") like Chicken Tikka. I simply use salted peanuts and Nutcracker peanuts, or sometimes no snacks at all to savor the flavor.

How to enjoy Whisky and Scotch

Black dog is one of the best whiskey I have ever had.It has a great amber colour and is very smooth.Black Dog stands apart as a Whisky Brand from all other United Spirits Liquors. It is a must try for all scotch lovers. Its smoothness and flavor takes it a class apart from the other whisky brands available in India.
If you are trying alcohol for the first time, especially whisky, Black Dog is for you.Tasty and a value for money.

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Black Dog Whisky Price

We have compiled a price list from various major cities/states to give you a general idea on Black Dog Whisky's price in India. For all other cities and states, consider the prices to be somewhere around that of Delhi.

Black Dog Whisky Price in Delhi

Black Dog Black Reserve

  • 60 ml -Rs. 115
  • 180 ml -Rs. 345
  • 375 ml -Rs. 700
  • 750 ml -Rs. 1400
  • 1000 ml -Rs. 1860

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

  • 60 ml -Rs. 160
  • 180 ml -Rs. 495
  • 375 ml -Rs. 1000
  • 750 ml -Rs. 2000
  • 1000 ml -Rs. 2660

60ml and 1000ml sizes are NOT easily available in Delhi.


Black Dog Whisky Price in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Unfortunately, the Excise Department of Maharashtra does not provide online/computerized data on pricing of Liquor.
We expect to prices to be somewhere around that in Delhi, consider +- Rs.500 with a pinch of salt.

Black Dog Whisky Price in Rajasthan

Black Dog Black Reserve

  • 180 ml -Rs. 348
  • 375 ml -Rs. 700
  • 750 ml -Rs. 1400

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

  • 180 ml -Rs. 480
  • 375 ml -Rs. 959
  • 750 ml -Rs. 1917


Black Dog Whisky Price in Hyderabad (Telangana)

Black Dog Black Reserve

  • 180 ml -Rs. 400
  • 375 ml -Rs. 800
  • 750 ml -Rs. 1560

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

  • 180 ml -Rs. 590
  • 375 ml -Rs. 1175
  • 750 ml -Rs. 2295


Black Dog Whisky Price in Delhi, India

Disclaimer: Prices last updated March, 2017
Drink responsibly, and do read our post about Alcohol Consumption in India